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The book, Turn Your Monthly Expenses Into Monthly Income, starts by acknowledging that every person has monthly expenses, secondly everyone is connected. We are connected to each other, you are someone's brother or sister, mother, father, niece, aunt, uncle, colleague, parishioner, school mate, and the list is endless. The connections vary in degrees of intensity. We buy (monthly expenses) goods and services largely because we were influenced by someone we are strongly connected to. The book will show you that there is a global industry that moves goods and services by leveraging on these strong natural connections.  We also show how anyone, regardless of background, race or education, can participate in this vocation and experience a permanent positive shift in one’s financial position. We give you a practical example on how you can turn your normal expenses into income, a six figure monthly income, through your existing and new connections.

It is a book for every home, every library, every company executive, every entrepreneur, and every CEO.

Like many of our readers, we can guarantee that you will read it, and finish in a day, but go over the material many times.

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I have read this book and must say, I could not put it down until I had read every word! Why? Because it teaches everyone on how to grow their business and I have in fact actually grown MY business since reading it. I highly recommend this book for all new and experienced online marketers and distributors alike. Paul White - Amanzimtoti, KZN.

"The book is on point, I must say, even for someone who wants to set up his own business" - Luthando Mdiya, Pretoria.

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Windhoek, Namibia
Great News! Turn Your Monthly Expenses Into Monthly Income is now available in Windhoek, Namibia. Cordulla Arnat is our first Area Distributor here, she can be contacted on 0813601603. 
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Buy our fast moving book at price of R295.00  Register for free on this site, refer your friends who buy the book and earn. This is the first book in SA to be distributed using referral marketing. Get cracking, learn and earn good referral in... 


Aobakwe Kenosi :
A powerful book
" Hi, it is with great hapiness that I share my experience of this powerfull, practical and easy to read book. It was not easy putting it down. It has called for one to introspect and a path for a great financial future has been created. I like your... "